Original story, started in 2013, intended to be fairytail-like.


The story follows the adventure of two twin sisters, Lynae and Callista, princesses of Vulpereal . They have been cursed by a snow witch as young kids, and the curse, who had to transform them in furries, seemingly had effect only on Callista, leaving Lynae with only a scar.

After the curse, the King and Queen decided it would have been best for Callista to live elsewhere, away from the rumors, the hate and fear of the Northern Country 's people. And so, the twins were given for dead but secretly sent to Chang-Kun , capital of the Eastern Country , to live protected by the Emperor.

Years went by, and at the age of 21 Zhen, the Emperor's firstborn, became the new ruler. Being very affectioned to the twins he used everything in his power to get an ancient prophecy paper, still to completely translate but that could seemingly help shed some light on the twins' curse.

And so, the twins trained to prepare themselves to set off for adventure, seeking for answers and hopefully a cure for Callista...


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