The Northern Country, as the name suggests, is located at north of the continent.

Its most prominent feature is that, instead of having a set capital, it has its most important towns placed in a circle shape (called the Royal Sphere), and once every 25 years the capital changes clock-wise.

The current capital must always hire as a Royal Supporter someone from another town of the Royal Sphere, so that the other towns can check the work and the the current royalty is genuinely reigning.

In the middle of the Royal Sphere is located a sort of HQ, were every two years is hosted a congress between all the RS towns and see how things are going. Extra congresses can be hosted during exceptional cases.

RS town listEdit

  • Vulpereal
  • Luprince
  • Ursa Majesty
  • Leburincess
  • Aptenor
  • Phocidaess
  • Artica

Other notable townsEdit

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