Lynae Eirwen
artwork by MarmaladeCookie@dA
Name: Lynae Eirwen
Species: artic fox
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: December 21st
Homeland: Vulpereal
Current residence: Chang-Kun / none (travelling)
Family: Gwyneira Eirwen (mother), Korah Eirwen (father), Callista Eirwen (twin sister)
Love interest:  ???

Class: Paladin
Weapon: Yukiken, a samurai sword at the beginning; at some point after leaving Chang-Kun gets Graceful Snowstorm, a magical fencing sword
Alignment: tba
Character design by: MarmaladeCookie

Main character of the original series "Tale of the Frigid Curse "


Born as a princess in the glorious current capital of Vulpereal , Lynae has been cursed along with her sister Callista  by the Snow Witch, Cassandra . For unknown reasons, the curse hasn't left any consequences on her (unlike her twin who got morphed into a furry), make exception for a scar on her face (the blue spots). Since then, the two princesses have been told dead, but in reality the King and Queen secretly gave them to the royalty of another country (the Zouya royal family resident in Chang-Kun ), in hopes they would grow up safe and far away by their homeland's rumors.

Lynae since then grew up with Zhen , firstborn of the Zouya family and soon-to-be Emperor, and his sister Fen-Yu , but rarely saw her twin Callista , for she was mostly locked in some secluded rooms to avoid contact with public. She managed to sneak in to see her sister at least once a day though, and to tell her everything she saw and did during the day. At the age 17, Zhen turned 21 thus becoming the new Emperor of the Eastern country , and now that he was in charge he was able, through his "secret royal means", to get in possession of a paper with an old prophecy, which was yet to be fully translated/deciphred but that had big chanche to shed some light on the twins' curse.

The twins started then training, and Lynae showed to be quite talented at fencing/swordsmanship, focusing so in that. An year later, when they felt they were able to take care of themselves, the twins left Chang-Kun's palace to venture the world in search of answers...


Lynae is a passionate persion, who puts everything in anything. She loves at max, gets angry at max, and so on. Can be very stubborn at times, and keeps believing in her ideals, without being influenced by anything or anyone. She especially shares a deep bond with her sister Callista, whom she loves more than her own life, and is always over-protective with her. Really loves dancing, and is very nimble, often using her agility in combat as well. Likes also adventuring and exploring.



  • Her name means "little blue flower"; Lynae is a flower type as well, also known as "twin flower". Her last name, Eirwen, means "blessed snow"