Lily Lace
Name: Lily Lace
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Mare
Age:  ??? (young adult)
Birthday:  ??? (Virgo)
Homeland: Unknown
Current residence: Canterlot
Family: Enchanting Mademoiselle (older sister), Ominous Lace (twin sister), Splendid Satin and Lavish Lace (nieces)
Love interest: Unknown

Cutiemark: A lily made of lace with a wedding ring on its green ribbon-stem
Talent: Organizing weddings
Occupation: Wedding planner
Character design by: DesiréeU[1]

Lily Lace (just 'Lily' or 'Lacey' for short) is a wedding planner; in fact, her talent is organizing weddings.

She owns her own studio for her job (which still needs a name...suggestions?), and is talented at anything that has to do with weddings; dresses, manestyling, flower composition, food, music, make-up, name it, and she'll be able to do it top notch! She almost wouldn't need any assistants, but with being an Earth Pony there are some things that are more difficult to do all alone, plus she became a quite popular wedding planner so she often has to handle many customers...but luckily she has her two nieces, Lavish Lace and Splendid Satin, along with her friend Tea Splash to help her! (she may need more assistants though ;3 *winks at your OCs*)


Lily is a calm and gentle mare, always with a smile for everyone. She always aims to make her customers perfectly happy though, so she can often be seen nervous and/or worried. She thinks of the wedding day as the perfect day every mare dreams of, and fantasized about it since she was a little filly.

She doesn't want to get married -or at least, not right now- and prefers dedicating all herself to her work so she can play pretend to be in the magic of a wedding everyday. To other ponies, she's just an extravagant mare who dresses up everyday as a bride pretending she's one xD

Lily also loves girly things and girl-talk, and gets excited very easily. She's also very nurturing and has a motherly attitude with ponies younger than her, always ready to give them advice and occasionally spoil them. Despite being a modest pony, she likes to impress and is quite the perfectionist, always extremely pleased when others admire her or her hard work.




  • Enchanting Mademoiselle:
  • Ominous Lace:
  • Splendid Satin:
  • Lavish Lace:
  • Tea Splash:
  • Star Shower:


  • Her star sign is Virgo; Tea Splash and Star Shower , who have both a huge interest in horoscopes, tell her her 'daily predictions' everyday, always complimenting or disapproving if she acts 'in-sign' or not; and Lily always believes them xD