Lantern Blessing
Name: Lantern Blessing
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Mare
Age: young adult
Birthday:  ??? (Libra)
Homeland: //tba//
Current residence: //tba//
Family: Ethereal Embrace (mother)
Love interest: Unknown

Cutiemark: three paper talismans
Talent: warding off spirits through dances and rituals
Occupation: priestess and exorcist
Character design by: kryzenge@dA

Heiress of an ancient temple, who dedicates her life to protect the living world from any harm from spirits and demons.


Calm, reserved, graceful, enygmatic, a bit snobby, laid back, gets hyper and blabbery with things that excite her, lazy but faithful to her duties, competitive, likes to be the "big sister" figure, fashionable, helpful (also because likes to get merits), falsely humble, gentle


Lantern Blessing is the daughter of a priestess, and has always lived in the calm of her mother's temple, far from towns.  The only occasions she had to meet lots of people and learn about the townsfolk was during the traditional festivals organized by her mother, so she was always very eager to join them. During her teenage years she still haven't got her CM yet, and was quite frustrated about it. So, at the first festival of the year, she just couldn't wait because she wanted to meet her "city friends" to ask them suggestions on how to get a CM.  Her mother had some other business to care of to make the festivals something great and successful, and since she trusted her diligent and mature daughter who finally wasn't a kid anymore, instructed her to take her place to seal their temple. Lantern, who couldn't be less concerned about that in that moment, quickly sealed what she could to join the festival asap; the seals happened to be too rushed and loose, and their effect worn out. She couldn't know though, 'cause she was already with her friends, chit-chatting about CMs. To help her get her own, her friends asked her if there was anything she loved to do, or was good at and prouded herself off of. Lantern proceeded to bring them to her temple, to show them her traditional dances she was so good at. But once they got there, they found the place ravaged by evil spirits. All her friends were scared to death about it, and at first Lantern was too, but she recalled her duties and grudgingly entered the temple to seal everything once and for all.  She recalled the words of her mother, to never show fear or any negative energy in front of spirits, or they'll feed on it; so instead of showing her fear, she started putting the seals with a graceful and calm traditional dance which enchanted even her friends. The evil spirits warded away, and she had finally earned her CM.

I don't know much about warding off evil spirits and such but in case you're wondering: in this case, the spirits can't be simply "deleted" through rituals and the like; it is duty of Lantern Blessing's family since generations to seal them in their temple until they're weak enough to pass to afterlife without being a threat anymore. So that's why they have to seal their temple c: